First order for Booster

Pangaea Agrochemicals Limited is delighted to announce that its licensee AgChem Access has received the first order for its “Booster” product from a long-standing trading partner in the Baltics. The order is to be delivered this coming spring. Booster is an adjuvant which when mixed with conventional lambda cyhalothrin or alpha cypermethrin makes the combined product effective against pyrethroid resistant strains of pollen beetle (meligethes aeneus).

“Booster” is the first product that Pangaea Agrochemicals has brought to the market and will be available in selected territories across Europe for next spring’s pollen beetle season.

Nick Gooch, Pangaea’s Executive Chairman said “Pesticide resistance is one of the key challenges facing global agriculture. This order is not only an important milestone for the company but also represents the start of the fightback against resistant insects, weeds and fungi.”