Pangaea Booster

Pangaea Booster         pollen beetle

What it is

Pangaea Booster is an agricultural adjuvant that has been designed specifically to tackle pyrethroid resistant strains of pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus) that infest oilseed rape.

How it is applied

Pangaea Booster is a tank-mix product to be used in combination with approved formulations of lambda-cyhalothrin and alpha-cypermethrin.

How it works

Pangaea Booster does not have pesticidal effect itself but allows to overcome resistance to pyrethroids by temporarily blocking the detoxification mechanisms of the target pest. Pangaea Booster is effective against pollen beetle strains showing both target-site resistance and enhanced metabolism resistance mechanisms.

How it was developed and tested

Pangaea Booster is based on a revolutionary patented technology developed by Rothamsted Research in collaboration with other world’s leading research centres. Extensive field trials have been carried out over the last three years across the UK and EU in high pressure stations under different environmental conditions. Trials were run by academic institutions, commercial field centres and technical distributors.


Booster field

Pangaea Booster trial at Hatfield Heath, June 2015, showing plots with variable flowering. The green plots have substantial damage to flower buds.


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